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La magia di settembre in montagna

La montagna nel suo momento piu bello....

per una all'insegna della natura e del relax

Dal 12 al 29 settembre 7 giorni Mezza Pensione € 335,00 - Pensione completa € 380,00

Mountain bike hotel in Val di Rabbi

What better way to enjoy the beauties of the incontaminated nature of Val di Rabbi than to ride a mountain bike along the many paths and routes which enable you to discover corners of incomparable beauty?

This is perhaps the secret of the success of an always more practised and popular sport, which allow us to forget, at least for a magic moment, the rumours and the stress of the traffic, to venture ourselves at steep paths, along impervious climbs or to go down along breathtaking descents, completely surrounded by an unique natural environment: meadows, woods, streams that glide smoothly towards the stream Rabbies, surrounded only by the silence and the intense perfume of the nature.

To cross the woods on dirt tracks, at the edge of the orchards or at the limit of the snow, along the river Noce on the cycle track, silently, is a new way to conquer the nature, not to dominate but to enjoy it and to let us be relaxed. In Val di Sole you can also practise a more adrenalinic kind of mountainbike, the downhill.


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