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The Val di Rabbi

The Val di Rabbi is one of the most suggestive valleys of Trentino with a succession of small villages and groups of old houses.
Not much populated and protected by the Stelvio National Park, the valley winds along the stream Rabbies for about 12 km, from an height of 800 arriving at 1400 metres.

Many different species of animals live in the wood and in the mountains of the valley, together with a great variety of plants, flowers and minerals.
Walking along the stream of Rabbies you arrive to the Rabbi Fonti, where the Rabbi Spa is situated, very famous for its ferruginous water.

The Val di Rabbi is an uncontaminated valley and is a perfect destination for those who are looking for a silent dialogue with nature. To know it well, it's possible to be present at the activities and at the excursions together the Guides of the Park.

In winter excursions of alpine skiing or with the snowshoes are the best way to rigenerate yourself and to discover an enchanting landscape.

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