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The Rabbi Spa

The Spa of Rabbi, the secret of the beauty of the empress Maria Teresa of Austria
The straordinary multifunctionality and efficacy of the carbonic water suitable for the treatment of gastro-intestinal disturbs and of the circulation, such as cellulitis, rheumatisms and arthrosis.

Immersed in the straordinary alpine landscape of the Stelvio National Park, unique natural reserve for peace and healthiness, the Spa of Rabbi, situated at an height of 1200 metres, combines the property of its mineral water with the beauty of a mountain landscape among the most uncontaminated and fascinating in the Alps. The Val di Rabbi, lateral valley to the Val di Sole, is considered one of the most suggestive valleys of Trentino for its natural landscape jealously conserved.

The water of Rabbi, defined a natural elisir for long life thanks to the strenght of the gas that it contains, gushes out very pure at 9°C from the Cevedale mountains. It is alcaline bicarbonate, rich of salts, sour, ferruginous,  sodic and with an high concentration of carbon dioxide. The most important feature of the water is that it contains both ferrous and ferric ions. It is a thermal water among those with the highest concentration of free carbon dioxide ever known.

Therapeutical Indications:
atrorheumatic illnesses: arthrosis, recovery of the full articular functionality after traumas and fractures
vascular illnesses: chronic venous insufficiency, decomposed varicose veins, post-phlebitis syndromes, cellulitis
ear, nose and throat illnesses: rhinitis, sinusitis, pharyngitis and laryngitis
gastrointestinal illnesses: gastritis, gastric acidity, difficulty with digestion
anemia problems for children and adults

Treatments supplied:
Balneotherapy (thermal baths, whirlpools)
Phlebologic route
Aerosoltherapy (inhalations and aerosol)
Hydropinic treatment (drink)

The Spa of Rabbi is linked to the National Sanitary System for all the treatments supplied.

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